Life without gluten was supposed to be better.
You’ve been following a gluten free diet for months now. Going gluten free was certainly not an easy transition for you and your family to make, but you suffered through because you were sick and tired of your gluten sensitivity making you feel . . . well, sick and tired!


Thank goodness you had those gluten free versions of your favorite foods to make the transition less stressful. (Too bad nobody told you that those products contain damaging starches and toxic chemicals that could potentially destroy your health.)



Here you are, free of gluten but certainly not free of health issues.

The first six months of life on a gluten free diet were wonderful. You felt great. Your health problems seemed to be over.

But, gradually, you started to experience new issues. Weight gain and bloating. Acne and mood swings.

Now, you’re miserable again . . .
  • You can’t lose those last few pounds.
  • Your energy levels are at an all-time low.
  • Your skin is scaly and prone to breakouts.
  • Your hair has lost its shine.
  • You crave sugar and gluten free treats all the time.
  • You have another yeast infection.
  • You’re battling UTIs.
  • Your doctor is worried about your blood sugar levels being much too high.
  • You’re depressed and feel like a failure.


You were led to believe that wheat is the root of all evil. And you cut that out of your diet. So, what in the heck is going on here?

You thought you’d exercised the demon that had been wreaking havoc on your digestive system!

What gives?


You went gluten free the wrong way, and now you’re a gluten free sugar addict.

sweet lipsIf you’re constantly experiencing sugar cravings and cravings for gluten free carbs, there’s a very good chance you made the mistake that many others do when they transition to a gluten free diet, by simply replacing all of your favorite foods with their packaged gluten free alternatives.

The reality is, swapping your diet from a gluten filled one to a gluten free one simply isn’t enough. And, if you’ve made this mistake, you are quite likely addicted to sugar.

That’s right—those packages and boxes that say “gluten free” are not automatically good for you. The truth is, many gluten free starches are destructive. And many of those products are packed with chemicals and unnecessary sugars.

If you’ve been filling your body with this kind of crap, it’s no wonder you feel zapped of energy, bloated, and depressed.

You went gluten free to feel better, not worse! These foods are destroying your health, messing up your digestion, and making you crave sugar like never before.

But before you resign yourself to being miserable forever, it’s not too late.


You CAN become the picture of good health you’ve always envisioned.

If you already know you want to rid yourself of sugar addiction, sign up now for our cleanse!


You’re still in the driver’s seat, sister! Your health is in your hands, and because you had the strength to follow a gluten free diet in the first place, you can definitely take this step and free yourself from the shackles of sugar addiction.

  • You can beat the sugar addiction and continue to live a gluten free lifestyle.
  • You can lose those stubborn pounds, feeling lighter, leaner and more comfortable in your clothes.
  • You can break free of the fuzzy brain, feeling more clear-headed and in control.
  • You can develop the willpower to say NO to those trigger foods.
  • You can learn to plan, prep, and produce delicious, heathy, and budget-conscious gluten free meals that your entire family will love.
  • You can calm your constant digestive discomfort.
  • You can potentially never suffer from another yeast infection again!


Turn your health around with the Gluten Free Sugar Cleanse

We are Jennifer Fugo and Heather K. Terry and though we both make our living in the health and wellness industry, we are both former sugar addicts.

We have both been in your shoes.

Jennifer’s Journey

JenniferFugoWhen I went gluten free, I admittedly made the mistake of trading in my carb and bread addiction for a sugar addiction.

I wrecked my digestive and hormonal systems, undoing the good that going gluten free had done for me.

I went gluten free the WRONG WAY!

There’s a good chance that you did the same thing. I know this because 90% of the people I work with tell me they made the same mistake, trading gluten filled pasta, desserts, and breads with their gluten free alternatives.

I completely understand. I also thought those foods were healthy because they were gluten free.

Boy, was I wrong.

Living a busy life, I would have cookies for breakfast and grab some chocolate for a burst of energy in the afternoon. And I would never end a day without a beloved gluten free and vegan chocolate brownie before bed! That would be crazy talk.

And having grown up in an Italian family, I needed my gluten free bread and pastas!

Then, one day, my world came crashing down around me as I learned that my adrenals were burned out while Candida overran my body.

I was a yeasty, hormonal mess.

The price I paid was far greater than just feeling like crap—I had to give up my beloved bike rides with my husband, and our intimacy really suffered as my sex drive took a total nose dive. Candida is not sexy.

I couldn’t participate in any physical activities with my friends that required a lot of energy . . . so I lost touch with people I cared about. My mood was constantly negative and depressed, and I was blaming myself for everything that was happening.

Simply put, I thought I didn’t have to worry about sugar because I assumed that by eating a gluten free diet, I was eating healthy. But I was kidding myself.

Heather’s Journey

heather-terry1-1024I spent three years in grad school and during that time, I would eat one pound of Swedish Fish and Jelly Bellies every single day. I also lived on coffee, drinking no less than 12 cups per day.

Other mainstays of my diet during those days included graham crackers with icing, tuna casserole and macaroni and cheese. I’d drink syrupy lattes with packages of vegan cookies from Costco. In the evening, I would drink sugary alcoholic beverages.

I was stick thin and very sick.

I suffered from chronic yeast infections, debilitating migraines and IBS.

In January of 2008 I ended up with the flu for the first time in my life. After waking up from the aftermath, I swore I would never let myself get so sick ever again.


For both of us, sugar was the enemy.

Sugar is the enemy for all of us. Go ahead and pick up one of those packaged foods and take a look at the label to see how much sugar is inside.

And the more sugar you consume, the more your body craves.

The truth about sugar is that it…

  • Contributes to weight gain and belly bloat.
  • Depletes your energy.
  • Feeds yeast and other nasties in your gut.
  • Is as addictive as cocaine.
  • Dismantles any progress you make, even if you’re 100% gluten free.

We both knew we had to cleanse our bodies of this evil…without dying of boredom and blandness.

We began researching Eastern and Western approaches to addressing Adrenal Fatigue and Candida. We spent hours pouring over information about sugar and its harmful effects. What we were left with shocked us because there was no clear directive to follow.

All of the useful details about sugar that could have prevented this from happening to us in the first place were buried and scattered rather than clearly shared with the general public.

Sugar addiction wrecked our guts, masked all sorts of energy issues, and left us both feeling rather sick all the time. Sugar addiction robbed us of relationships and the ability to enjoy our lives.


We had to kick sugar’s butt!

Using everything we learned through our extensive research, we created simple sugar free and gluten free meal plans filled with tasty recipes based on REAL foods.

Within a few weeks, we both began to truly feel incredible.

We were armed with the information we needed to live gluten free the RIGHT way.

After dozens of doctor’s visits between us, we were angry and upset that no medical professional had ever made either of us aware of the root problem of our health issues. The doctors were more concerned with treating our symptoms than preventing them.

We had to become our own health advocates and the truth is, so do you.

We started sharing our program with clients and witnessed truly astounding results.

Here’s what they had to say…
“Before the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, I was eating healthy (or so I thought), but was still tired, fuzzy headed, and couldn’t lose my belly no matter how strict I would eat (counted calories, etc) or how much I exercised. I was frustrated always craving carbs or sweets and felt like I couldn’t control myself. I was tired of being tired and working so hard to stay fit, but always feeling bloated, cranky and out of balance.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse truly opened my eyes and gave me the tools I needed to break free from my sugar cravings. Eliminating sugar and GF carbs really were the missing piece in my health puzzle. As I began to feel better, regain my energy and overall health I decided that I wasn’t going back to my old way of eating – EVER!!!

I lost 8 lbs without any added exercise except stretching and gentle yoga and I feel much more energetic as my bloating and overall inflammation in my body melted away. My palette has been completely reformed and I enjoy food so much more now. I no longer crave sugars or processed foods and don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

I’ve noticed an extreme reduction in crankiness and mood swings while my concentrate and focus has improved. No longer feeling overwhelmed, I can make decisions without hesitation. Plus, my motivation has returned and I feel an overall sense of happiness and calm because I’m able to finally be comfortable in my own skin.”

Jackie McGrail, Full-time Mom, Vernon, CT
“I thought my diet was pretty healthy since I’d switched out everything to the gluten free version as well as subbing for my other food allergies of egg, milk, and soy. Yet I had very strong sugar cravings and I couldn’t lose those last stubborn 5 lbs!

After doing the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse for three weeks, I’ve lost about 11 lbs. I went to a once-a-month meeting and people noticed! Plus, my skin and hair seem healthier, I’ve got more energy and my taste buds are back! I am not craving as much sugar (which is great!) because I know now that sugary treats churn my stomach.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse  jump-started a much needed lifestyle change because I want to be a good example for my daughter. I went over and beyond my goal! Thank you so much for your wisdom Jennifer, and for all of the support we get here in this group”

Anne Blauser, stay at home mom, Dallas, TX


Because our Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse worked so well for us and the clients we were coaching, we wanted to make the program accessible to everyone, regardless of location.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse was developed to serve, reach, and unify more gluten free women around the world. To help you feel as good as you hoped to when you started eating a gluten free diet.

This is NOT a boxed cleanse that sees you living on lemons and cayenne pepper for a month.

And we are not going to just teach you about how to read nutrition labels during this cleanse. You are a smart woman, and you already know how to tell by those labels if something is good for you or not.

You’re going to love this cleanse because it’s going to create lasting change for you and your entire family.

And, guess what else?

We know how busy you are trying to juggle family and work (as busy working moms we both feel your pain!), so we’re going to make this as easy as possible for you to incorporate into your fast-paced life.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse is going to give you practical, real-life solutions that taste so delicious your entire family will hop right on board.



Are you ready to be free of sugar addiction?

If you’re a slave to sugar and gluten free carbs, you know you have no choice but to make a change. This is the perfect program for the busy woman on the go, trying to manage a busy career and a family.

Here’s how this is going to play out.

We are both extremely busy, so we are only able to offer the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse twice a year. And, we consistently sell out of seats.

Over the course of five weeks, you’ll get short audios (no more than 30 minutes long) to listen to as well as handouts to prepare you for our LIVE weekly classes.

Week #1 – Why This ONE THING You Do Daily Will Totally Destroy Your Gluten Free Progress and Hard Work

  • Including your gut, hormones, skin, teeth, hair, and bones


Week #2 – What Food Companies Won’t Tell You About How Sugar & Sweeteners Are Secretly Hiding In Your Favorite Foods


  • Learn the ugly truth about “healthy,” “natural,” & artificial sweeteners 

Week #3 – The RIGHT WAY To Eat GlutenFree: What Everybody Needs to Know

  • And learn to plan, prep, & cook like a creative GF pro!


Week #4 – How Fruit Wrecks Your Gut—And The Hidden Dangers You Need To Know

  • Be prepared to learn this jaw-dropping info & how to use it to your benefit!


Week #5 – Why You Are Always Tired: The 7 Secrets To Get Your Energy Back
  • Discover why exhaustion is fueled by your current gluten free diet


Start Today!!!
The Cleanse includes:
  • Six 60-minute LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Jennifer & Heather – Get guidance to make the cleanse easy ($997 value)
  • Weekly Audio Modules – Become an expert & learn how to use the info ($397 value)
  • Complete access to the Cleanse Recording & Transcript Library ($447 value)
  • Over 70 easy, budget-friendly, and delicious GF recipes guide with 9 meal plans ($227 value)
  • Access to the private Facebook community where we all support each other and share valuable information and resources ($197 value)
  • GF Product Blueprint – Extensive list of approved products you’ll love! ($57 value)
  • BONUS – Access to expert interviews about sugar and various related topics ($147 value)
  • BONUS – Get big, exclusive discounts to future courses and coaching support (woo hoo!)


Actual Total Value $2,469

Special Launch Price $397 $147


“I have celiac and though I made all my food from scratch, I was addicted to sugar and constantly feeling exhausted. My addiction left me feeling like a complete failure and trying to lose weight was a huge struggle since I was fighting my sweet tooth all the time.

Then I came across the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse and I’ve learned how to live again!

Every day I feel so much better as the inflammation in my body is going away, my mind is alert, and my weight is effortlessly dropping.

I’ve lost 18 lbs during this cleanse which has become a healthy way of life! I feel like I’m a different person! My diet isn’t a struggle anymore and I no longer crave sugar.

Eating healthy real food is what I really needed and I’m letting my body do the rest to let go of the weight. Thank you… this is the best thing I have ever done!”

Kathy Pierce, Caregiver, Washington

Save your seat NOW for the Gluten Free Sugar Cleanse

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This cleanse won’t be offered for at least another six months.

Stop your suffering today.


“I’ve learned my lesson well -sugar is NOT my friend. It really has a huge impact on my well being triggering migraines, making me feel queasy, and feeling as if I have no energy left. There have been times that if I sat down I could literally fall asleep.

Plus, I had my bloodwork done after completing the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse and found that my blood glucose dropped 11 points while my total cholesterol went down 31 points, triglycerides are down 26 points, and my LDL cholesterol went down 30 points. I’ve lost a few pounds and am even sleeping more soundly.  My doctor said whatever I’ve been doing to keep up the good work!

Thank you Jennifer for such an eye-opening learning opportunity. Sugar no longer has a hold on me and doing this cleanse was much easier than I had thought. Without having gone through the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, I would still be eating lots of sugary treats and never associating not feeling well with eating them, but always blaming other things. Now I know for sure I can get through the holidays without over-indulging!”

~ Wanda S., Illinois


You have nothing to lose.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, email us for a full refund of your investment. No questions asked.




Sign up now for the January 2015 Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse.

How much more time can you afford feeling sick, bloated, and out of control?

Don’t overthink this. You know it’s the best thing to do for your health.

“Before working with Jennifer,  I was eating a lot of gluten free ‘starchy’ food – breads, cookies, some pasta and GF chips. My diet really got out of hand from all the social get-togethers.  I was always frustrated after finishing a meal because I’d go looking for a sweet treat that would lead to eating other things along with me feeling bad about myself for making bad choices.

I decided to do the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse because I really wanted to get back into a healthier way of eating with the support from Jennifer. I learned shocking information about daily foods I was eating that were only adding to my sugar cravings — ie. how much sugar was in my daily pineapple Chobbani yogurt thanks to learning how to read the nutrition label and the pitfalls of using artificial sweeteners — so I could make better choices.

I’ve successfully kicked my diet soda habit as well as stopped using artificial sweeteners and notice that I sleep better at night now that I’ve removed a lot of the excess sugar.  I’ve got a low-sugar on-the-go snack ready for iffy gluten-free eating situations, I use breathing exercises and soothing beverages and swapped out high sugar fruits for lower options in my diet.  I’ve even come to enjoy sweet potatoes as a snack!

Now I really want to stay AWARE of the added sugars in food, choose healthier snack options most of the time and continue to experiment with new recipes so that my diet can be healthy and varied. I am grateful for the support of Jennifer and the group!” ~ Joan S., West Chester Pa., Client Support Services

“I had no idea how much sugar was in everything that I was eating – even the healthy stuff like my skim milk and raisins!  Now I feel confident reading labels and proud of myself that I could finally cut the sugar cord.  Thank you to you and your Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse!”   ~ Anne


Yes, sign me up NOW!

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P.S. Check out this amazing feedback from past participants of the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse:

“Struggling with Celiac with little local support in my hometown, I found myself constantly feeling bloated and unable to lose my last few pounds and keep them off. Though I tried to eat well, I constantly craved sugar because my diet was loaded with sugar – gluten free mixes for sweets, yogurt and fruit for breakfast, and salads topped with favorite gluten free salad dressings.

Not knowing how much sugar I ate was harming me because it felt like my blood sugar was on a constant roller coaster.

The Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse helped me to change all of this…  I went from drinking Southern Sweet Tea for 30 years to green tea with stevia and that is huge for me! It has helped me to have less highs and crashes. Now I have a lot more energy, my ability to think is sharper and I’m better able to handle stress. I have the knowledge to make better choices now and know exactly how much sugar I eat.

My snacks don’t trigger cravings and I cook delicious gluten-free food that keeps me on track which my once-skeptical husband even asks for regularly. And I’ve got the continued support of my buddies that helps me to stick with my goals and make this a permanent lifestyle change.”

Carolyn Reardon, Accounting, Biloxi, MS

“I’m sensitive to gluten and have been gluten-free for 2 years, however I’ve spent much of the last 15 years feeling bad. My cholesterol began creeping up, my nails were a mess, and I had chronic yeast infections.

After doing the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, my cholesterol went down 60 points, I’ve got my nails back, am eating well and am finally rid of my yeast issues for the first time in years! It is nice to have to know why my numbers went crazy. I’m so happy to have change for the good in my life!”

Joann H., Salon Owner, Kinnelon, NJ